Donny Brasco

Donny Brasco

Last but not least is our beloved Donny Brasco. He was just shy of celebrating his fourth birthday when we lost him. He was Dominic’s twin. His collar color was red.

It is still hard to write about him with his loss being so recent. He was sick at the shelter, and never seemed to get better. He would rally but in the end he was just to weak to fight anymore. My brother and sister-in-law did the hardest thing they have had to do when they made the decision to aid him across the Rainbow Bridge. He is still with us, just not the way he should be.

My upcoming book is dedicated to Donny, because he was my little helper. He sat right next to me day in and day out, guiding me when I would go blank. All I had to do was look at him, and he gave me this look as if to say “you got this auntie, I have faith in you.” One look and the creative juices would flow once again. I’m going to miss him so much.

Now you have seen the Cat’s Eye Gang, stay tuned for more photos of them. I will also be posting photo’s of some of the Central Texas landscape and sky. Also the flowers that I find. I am a novice photographer, so there will be more pics to come. Until next time, thanks for checking me out.


One thought on “Donny Brasco

  1. I know the feeling my friend. I lost my Doggy a few years back and it was very hard. I still have a hard time, looking at his pictures and videos.

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