Neko Dubh


This is Neko Dubh. His name literally mean black cat. He is the naughty one of the gang.

I rescued him from the shelter four years ago. I should say he rescued me. I went into the shelter after viewing the cats they had available online. I fell in love with his picture, and although I had CeCe, and really couldn’t afford to get another cat. I just had to see him in person. Long story short. When I went in to look at him, and fall even more in love, I turned to leave. Well Neko wasn’t having any of that, I guess he fell in love also, because he reached out and tried to crawl into my purse.

I am not one to fight destiny, and that is what it felt like when I decided right then and there, he was coming home with me. I moved some money around, and went to the office to begin the adoption. There hasn’t been a day since that I have regretted it.

I suffer anxiety/panic disorder and he knows when I am feeling overwhelmed. A soon as the anxiety builds he is right there in my lap, purring up a storm as if to say “I’ve got ya mom”. He is my baby boy, and I thank God every day for him.


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