R.A. Buster is a writer and blogger who born and raised in Illinois. She began writing at the age of thirteen when her schoolmates begged her to continue writing after she started a story to pass the time in study hall.

She is the oldest of three children, and she grew up taking care of her younger siblings while her father worked and her mother was ill. She put her writing on hold for many years while she worked usually two jobs, as well as took care of her disabled husband. She divorced after ten years of marriage and found herself wanting to continue what she had begun so long before.

So she slowly began writing short stories, until one day it became clear that writing was what she wanted to do for a living. It had always been a dream; now she knew she could fulfill it. At the age of forty-eight, she began work on her first book, but she found that there was another story to be told other than what she was working on so she scrapped it. Now she is working on her first draft of her upcoming book titled “The Cat’s Eye Chronicles, it is a story using her real life cats as the characters of the book.

She has come a far way from the girl just scribbling a story in a junior high school library during study hall. Now she is working towards letting the worlds that live in her imagination find a home on the page.