Appreciating Black Cats

It has been a few days since I posted. I had some technical difficulties, but I have them fixed for the moment. To make up for my missed daily posts I thought I would give you a few pictures of two of my favorite black cats.


Neko as a kitten. Hard to believe he was ever this small.



Neko thinks even his shadow is cute; he’s right of course but please don’t tell him I said that.


You might think this is Neko but you would be wrong. This is Neko’s doppelganger, Spooky. He is a stray that has adopted us. He was injured in a neighborhood cat fight when he was just a kitten and ended up under a bush in our front yard. My niece felt bad for him so she began bringing him food and water while he recovered. Long story short he fell in love with her and when he had healed a bit took up residence in our back yard. Which he guards with the ferocity of a lion. Neko and Spooks will stand nose to nose with only the patio door between them and play the mirror game in which if one moves a certain way the other mirrors it. It is one of their favorite games.

For anyone who follows me and checked out my author’s page, you will know I am currently writing a book with the cats that share our life as the models for the characters. I called our little clowder of cats, The Cat’s Eye Gang. If you would like to find out more about my book please stop by and visit my author’s page at R.A. Buster- Writer & Blogger. If you check out my blog, you will find my book which I post as I am writing it. In all of its first draft glory. Let me know what you think and please feel free to subscribe to get each new installment as it is being written.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the two black cats that bring luck into my life.

Donny Brasco

Donny Brasco

Last but not least is our beloved Donny Brasco. He was just shy of celebrating his fourth birthday when we lost him. He was Dominic’s twin. His collar color was red.

It is still hard to write about him with his loss being so recent. He was sick at the shelter, and never seemed to get better. He would rally but in the end he was just to weak to fight anymore. My brother and sister-in-law did the hardest thing they have had to do when they made the decision to aid him across the Rainbow Bridge. He is still with us, just not the way he should be.

My upcoming book is dedicated to Donny, because he was my little helper. He sat right next to me day in and day out, guiding me when I would go blank. All I had to do was look at him, and he gave me this look as if to say “you got this auntie, I have faith in you.” One look and the creative juices would flow once again. I’m going to miss him so much.

Now you have seen the Cat’s Eye Gang, stay tuned for more photos of them. I will also be posting photo’s of some of the Central Texas landscape and sky. Also the flowers that I find. I am a novice photographer, so there will be more pics to come. Until next time, thanks for checking me out.

Dominic Danucci


This is Dominic Danucci. He is one of the Twins. They aren’t actually twins, but they look so much alike we had to color code their colors. Dominic’s is always black.

My brother and sister-in-law adopted Dom and his brother four years ago. He came to live with us shortly after Neko did. So they are more like triplets.  He is one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen some gorgeous ones.

He is the owner of the smallest meow I have ever heard. I guess that is why he always lets his brother do the talking. Well up until recently. That story will be in the next post. You may have figured out he is another member of The Cat’s Eye gang featured in my upcoming book.

Bo Jangles

Bo Jangles

This is Bo Jangles. He is one of the cats I share a home with. He is also who one of the characters in my upcoming book “The Cat’s Eye Chronicles” is based on.

He is an eight year old domestic short-hair with marbled fur. He was a rescue after someone left him and moved away. When he was taken to the shelter he was very sick, but my brother and sister-in-law brought him home and he recovered quickly under their care.

CeCe Demeana


This is CeCe Demeana. She is the only female in our gang of cats. And believe me she knows she is the queen.

She was rescued by me almost ten years ago. She is my baby girl. She has served as a companion animal for my mother, and now she rules the roost over the boys in the house. She is a brown tabby.  I always tease her about her beauty mark just like Marilyn Monroe’s.

She is yet another character in my upcoming book.

Neko Dubh


This is Neko Dubh. His name literally mean black cat. He is the naughty one of the gang.

I rescued him from the shelter four years ago. I should say he rescued me. I went into the shelter after viewing the cats they had available online. I fell in love with his picture, and although I had CeCe, and really couldn’t afford to get another cat. I just had to see him in person. Long story short. When I went in to look at him, and fall even more in love, I turned to leave. Well Neko wasn’t having any of that, I guess he fell in love also, because he reached out and tried to crawl into my purse.

I am not one to fight destiny, and that is what it felt like when I decided right then and there, he was coming home with me. I moved some money around, and went to the office to begin the adoption. There hasn’t been a day since that I have regretted it.

I suffer anxiety/panic disorder and he knows when I am feeling overwhelmed. A soon as the anxiety builds he is right there in my lap, purring up a storm as if to say “I’ve got ya mom”. He is my baby boy, and I thank God every day for him.